Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Quick shots before I go to bed

  • The Dastardly Liberal Media missed the point with Abu Ghraib, it's missing the point with Bush's social security and filibuster, and now, lamentably but predictably, it is missing the point with the Newsweek/Afghanistan controversy.

    Lazy journalism - bad! Relying on dodgy sources - boo! But who the fuck actually believes that the violence is the direct result of the Newsweek piece?

  • Seems like everyone's commented on The top 50 things every foodie should do except me. Damn it, it's my time.

    Eh. Doesn't feel particularly inspired. I don't consider myself a foodie - I'm just a boy who likes to eat well and is learning his way around the kitchen. But too many of the 50 are upscale and seem decadent for the sake of decadence.

    Sure, expensive food is expensive for a reason - it's generally good. But there's something more worthwhile in discovering, say, finding the best damn slice of fatty tuna for less than $10 or going down to Texas and getting a heart attach on a plate.

    Still, it's an intriguing list and good to see Nathan's get a shout.

  • When did Zooey Deschanel get so hot?

  • Wogies = quality

  • Good night, kids.

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