Friday, August 05, 2005


Rumors be legit, there is a Starbucks (or at least green awnings indicating such) going up in the heart (or kidney? I never did well in anatomy) of the Lower East Side at the corner of Delancey and Allen. Unless this is some elaborate prank to freak out all the hipsters, hippies, and indie-yuppies, this would become the first Starbucks location in the previously unmolested 10002.

Just to prove I'm not kidding,

Update: Curbed's Joey thinks the crane on the left is indication that this could just be a movie prop. Could very well be, but just because I like to disagree, I'm thinking this is some mega-multi-story Starbucks, especially since the second floor looks like it could be commercial space too. Or they're hanging a huge banner on that roof.

Who knows? Starbucks works in mysterious ways.

Update 2: Gawker confirms, it's for reals, y'all. But don't worry 88 Orchard, I'll always pick your moderately overpriced coffee (and free WiFi) over the Seattle sludge.

Update 3: And it has a canopy!

Update 4: A reader who lives in the building above the soon-to-be-Starbucks informs me that the second floor is a dentist's office, squashing my baseless speculation of a multi-level S'bucks. Here's hoping she can learn to love the smell of over-roasted beans in the morning. Good luck!

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