Saturday, May 14, 2005

Saturday linkage: the leftovers

Earlier in the week, I wrote the following:
Not much to talk about on the NBA playoffs front (Antawn's 32 nothwithstanding), since all four series seem to be pretty much decided.
Then, Seattle, Dallas and Indiana had to all go out and pick up wins against the favored teams. Indiana looks scary though - I've always liked Jamaal Tinsley and Jeff Foster, and it's great to see them step up. Also, good to see Phoenix regain home court - I thought losing for the remainder of the series could doom them, but the thin bench came through. Four words: Jim Jackson, Leandro Barbosa.

  • Speaking of the NBA, guess who might or might not be playing for real money? Shav Randolph!. Says Coach K, "I support Shavlik 100 percent." I bet you do, Mike since you're returning Shelden Williams and have a couple of blue chip big men coming in. Shav might go undrafted but at least you won't be the bad guy sitting the senior on the end of the bench.

  • Moby talks New York to the Guardian. Nothing particularly interesting except this:
    What is the best hotel you have ever stayed in?

    The Rivington in Lower Manhattan (001 212 475 2600, doubles from $225). It has glass-clad bathrooms - so you can soak up views of Manhattan as you shower.
    Wait, the dude lives on the LES. Why the hell does he need to stay in a hotel in the neighborhood, and a misfit monstrosity of one at that? Then I remembered which hotel he shot his album cover at:

  • My peoples are better than your peoples because we can sort trash like a motherfucker, though 44 different categories seem a bit too excessive. This probably is too:
    Enter the garbage guardians, the army of hawk-eyed volunteers across Japan who comb offending bags for, say, a telltale gas bill, then nudge the owner onto the right path.

  • Finally, thanks to Guy for sending me this one: Geek Fantasies
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