Sunday, August 14, 2005

"I Like Neither Pina Coladas Nor Getting Caught In The Rain", "A Tree Falls in Brooklyn" and other dreadfully cheesy post titles

See, this is why I wear my soccer jerseys when I take my bike out. Anyone who's been around the non-hipster areas of Williamsburg can tell you, there are a lot of open fire hydrants, and as I ride up Bedford Ave approaching an intersection, a kid walks up to one such hydrant with a bottomed-out can in hand and grins at me.

Since I know what's coming next, the logical thing is to ride away from the impending rush of water, but what the hell, I'm already a little wet from the rain and how bad can it be? So I just look at the kid, smile and tell him "Fuck you!". Now, the key here is to keep pedaling so you don't get knocked down. And just prepare to get soaked.

I get drenched of course, but my shirt's going to dry pretty quickly and all the contents in my waterproof North Face fanny pack (not worn on fanny) are going to be dry. Ha! Though I'm wearing cotton shorts and they aren't going to dry any time soon.

Well, nothing is going to get dry any time soon as 3 minutes later, the sky opens up and now I have the equivalent of a million hydrants shooting at me. I would keep riding but my contacts don't like it so much when the rain blows directly into my eyes. And I'm REALLY drenched.

To summarize,
Williamsburg Kids 1 - 1 Me
Mother Nature 2 - 0 Me

So why am I out riding out in the fucking thunderstorm? Well, I wasted yesterday afternoon watching the very mediocre Chappelle's Show Season 2 DVD because it started to rain just as I was getting ready to go out. History threatened to repeat itself today as it started to rain again as I was headed out the door. So I wait half an hour for the rain to let up and rode out. There was some light, pleasant sprinkling with a little thunder and lightening, but it really didn't seem that bad. Only after the water hydrant incident did it really come down.

And boy, it came down hard and hard it came. But all in all, a good, lazy Sunday afternoon. A nice break from the dog days of summer, really.

Oh, and condolences to the owner and/or the insurer of the blue SUV. It has dealer plates so the car's less than 30 days old.

Mother Nature 4 - 0 SUV Owner

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