Monday, May 16, 2005

Late Monday post: "Stop! Terrorist!"

Great comedy on tonight's 24 as usual. President Logan, who looks like one of those Richard Nixon Halloween masks, decides he's going to play tough by totally giving into the Speaker of the House and, wait for it, throwing Pedro Cerrano under the bus. Mike Novick is awesome though. And they let Marwan get away! Yay, CTU!

But the best part was Heller and Audrey wandering how they are going to go on after finding out that the son of the Secretary of State is a terrorist hellbent on killing millions of innocent Americans gay. Added bonus - he is also Trey on The OC.

  • The vegan from across the river on Rilo Kiley, including Jenny Lewis' upcoming solo album. I've heard some of Jenny's stuff and it's a bit more... rootsy? Good stuff though.

    Speaking of Rilo, I will be at the Friday, May 27 show at Webster Hall but will most likely have an extra ticket. I'll be happy to give it up for face value and/or alcoholic bevs.

  • Bomani Jones almost gets stood up by Ja Rule.

  • Has anyone gotten this: The Dix - The Art of Picking Up Women?

    It's about the longest (heh) penis joke in the world, but if anyone can rise to the challenge and hit the spot, the twisted mind of Prince Paul can.

  • New Morcheeba (iTunes link) came out last week. Gotta say, not that impressed, but it could grow on me. De La Soul's Grind Date, I do need to get, though there's still about 200 new songs on my iPod that I have to listen to first.

  • You know how to piss off your neighborhood wingnuts? When they inevitably start blaming everything on Bill Clinton, gently remind them that Bubba is the last conservative US President. If they disagree, tell them that not only is Clinton's conservatism on par with Reagan's, he actually made government smaller. They know it's true.

  • On a completely personal note, totally geeked to hear that Maureen did the damn-near-impossible, pass the NY bar exam. Incredibly happy for her, especially since I know she's had it rough the past few days. Goodness knows how hard she worked for it. Congratulations, you deserve it. And here's to earning power!
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