Friday, May 13, 2005

The OC Season 2 Episode 23: All the fishes in the O.Sea.

TWoP Recaplet

Pretty enjoyable episode last night, methought. Could George Lucas be any more out of place though? He can't write dialog for shit, he can't direct and he clearly can't read lines without getting all wooden. It's a good thing he was sitting down the whole time - that dinner was awkward enough without Seth having to crouch to greet the George. Still, I suppose he was the only alternative to Summer that either Zach or Seth would consider.

To be honest, I'm going to miss Caleb a bit since I rather enjoyed the dynamic with him, Julie and Kirsten. Still, he's been pushed aside (when was the last time he saw his grandkid?) and the divorce storyline was going nowhere fast. I wish I hadn't been told there would be a funeral next episode. It was obviously going to be the guy with the heart problem divorcing a vindictive bitch. It was either going to be the heart or the vindictive bitch. And I think I love Julie more than any other character on the show right now. She's a take charge kinda woman - the same can't be said for any other character except Trey, who can be a little too take charge with his wandering hands.

Other points of note:
  • Theresa! I was wondering when they were going to acknowledge the baby. I'm assuming we don't get to find out who the father is until November.

  • Oh, Kirsten. Reaching for the bottle as soon as she hears the news.

  • The Prom switcheroo was predictable (how many times has The OC done the "This isn't where I need to be" thing? Countless times, that's how many) but it was done nicely.

  • I'd be more annoyed that Coldplay keeps making the same song over and over, but at least it's a good song.

  • Liked the "He's a tool!" from the peanut gallery, because yeah, Seth has been a tool. But how does a girl who has no friends other than the 3 other outcasts at school get voted Prom Queen? I understand she's played by Rachel Bilson and all, but shouldn't, you know, a popular girl win it?

  • Jimmy! Hailie! Theresa's bastard baby! Let's get the gang back together!

  • Next week, the season finale. Man, what a disappointing season it's been.

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