Wednesday, May 18, 2005

My throat hurts. Also: Germans, weenies, Yahoo, Whoa!

My nose has been stuffy all week - thought it may be allergies but I have never had problems with pollen before. It seems I have a cold as I currently have a full on sore throat. It's frickin' painful just to swallow. So I'm guzzling down gallons of Theraflu as I type. It's lemony goodness.

As I've gotten older, I seem to catch a cold every time the seasons change. It's hard for me to deal with since growing up, I almost never missed school because of illness. It's not so much the sickness as it is knowing that I'm mortal and my body is not the temple that it used to be. I'm okay with other people's imperfections. I think they're beautiful and human and all that. My own imperfections are much harder to deal with.

  • CBS upfronts are going on right now at Carnegie Hall. Viriginia Heffernan continues her live blogging for the Times. Says CBS big important person Les Moonves, "There's no hiding-the-weenie here." CBS: showing all kinds of weenies this fall, can't wait.

  • I again break my "No Gawker Links" rule and quote from yesterday's Gawker Stalker:
    Taking a cab back to Brooklyn Friday night at about 4:30 in the morning when my crazy cab driver pulled out into an intersection right in front of a brand new silver Cadillac STS and a nasty, air-bag-poppin' accident insued. I stumbled out of the cab to see the angry driver of the Cadillac getting all up in the cab driver's face, screaming, "Don't you know who I am? I'm Black Rob! I'm Black Rob from P.Diddy's crew! You know? Black Rob!" Then he started singing some song to the confused cabbie—one can only assume it was his "hit song" or something, and repeated, "You know—Black Rob!" The cabbie was unimpressed.
    I need to see a video of this accident. Hell, I would pay to see a reenactment of this scene. It's funny enough when a rapper openly admits to being in P.Diddy's crew but here's Rob trying to get some cab driver of whatever exotic ethnicity to recognize him.

    I wonder if Rob did his verse from "Bad Boys For Life"? Or perhaps "Whoa!"? Did he actually do the "Whoa!" dance? Did he get the cabbie to do the "Whoa!"? See, this is why I need to see the visuals. Like whoa!

  • You don't say. Refs inadvertently favour home teams says a German study. Up next: does a waitress get better tips when she's wearing a short skirt?

  • Mark Cuban thinks the pricing of the new Yahoo music service blows a huge hole in RIAA's argument. As much as I believe RIAA is satan himself, Markie Mark is off the mark (npi) here. He's right that the $5/month subscription does put the RIAA lawsuits into perspective, but he is comparing apples to oranges, i.e. renting vs owning, downloading vs sharing.

    But whatever. None of these subscription services work on Mac. Do they not want my money? I'd totally pay to use Rhapsody.
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