Wednesday, May 31, 2006

All apologies

You might have noticed that this outpost on the internet wasn't getting updated much frequently. I intend to remedy that. Actually, I meant to remedy the situation last week but never got around to it.

And looking back through May, not only are the posts infrequent, they're generally crap. On one hand, what can you expect from a free blog? Maybe if I started paying myself, I'd write better shit.

Still, I do feel bad because y'all keep checking back in expecting nuggets of brilliance. I want to feel like I've earned my place in your RSS readers and blog rolls. As an olive branch, here are some great conservative rock songs that have been rocking my conservative Powerbook in recent weeks:

  • The Roots - Don't Feel Right (official|myspace) (thanks Stan) - This will be on The Roots' upcoming album, Game Theory. I like it simply for the fact that it sound like it could've been an album track on Illadelph Halflife and nothing like The Tipping Point. And I feel doubly optimistic to read that they didn't suck live like the last time I saw them in a real concert (they brought it for the New Yorker Festival though).

  • Asobi Seksu - Thursday (buy|official|myspace) - Off the band's new album Citrus, which came out Tuesday. If you've been to an Asobi show in the past year or two, you've probably heard it and it sounds a lot better live. Still, the album is quality and it's a decent substitute for the concert experience.

  • Bonde Do Role - Melo Do Vitiligo (buy|official|myspace) - I'm not going to pretend to understand Bonde Do Role except that they're Brazilian and that's fine with me. They're goofy. They sample Tone Loc among others. Diplo seems to like them, but I'm not holding that against them.

  • Lily Allen - Smile / Lily Allen - LDN (official|myspace) - I'm going to keep hyping Lily to hell until you're sick of her like Gnarls Barkley. Mark Ronson likes her, so she's got that going.

  • Wolf Parade - Things I Don't Know (buy|official|myspace) (via YANP) - I was talking to someone this weekend over which Pitchfork-hyped band we were most excited for. My answer? As much as I thought Arcade Fire would bring the most quality, I was most excited for Wolf Parade. I like Arcade Fire; I just find WP more interesting. Actually... the question was which band's follow up would get shit on by Pitchfork. We thought Arcade Fire by scenester obligation, but we agreed that Clap Yeah would ultimately get the shit end of the plunger.

  • Oh, and if you like Dangerdoom...

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