Thursday, May 11, 2006

You might not want to have unprotected sex with me

A few weeks back, I spoke the virtues of the Asian guy, but I would be amiss not to issue this warning: 1 in 7 Asian immigrants in New York City carry the hepatitis B virus. I'm not saying I have hep B, but as an Asian immigrant in the City, I am at risk. Apparently.

So ladies, this shouldn't stop you from having sex with me. Not by any means. Just be careful, is all I'm saying.

On a more serious note, let's pour out some Bass for a blogger who ain't here no more, Indianapolis's finest, 11 a.m. Air Raid. I want to thank Jim for introducing me to some really good music, especially the kind with French female singers. Also, good luck with the real writing thing - a lot of bloggers, myself included, talk about writing a book but never get around to it. I'm going to miss Jim but he's moving on to bigger, better things. Hats off and whatnot.

Finally, a tale of chaos and madness in Times Square from our friend extrawack.

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