Tuesday, May 09, 2006

I hope my AA sponsor isn't reading this site

My stomach does not like me right now. Let's see, there was White Dade's grand arrival in New York on Friday. Then, Saturday, there was general drunken debauchery followed by MP's birthday shindig at Happy Endings, at which I was drunkened by overpriced drunkening agents served in cocktail glasses and later falsely accused of walking out on my tab. Although I stayed off the alcohol on Sunday, sobriety would not last, as it was Alice's birthday Monday, which meant sangrias at Barça 18. The night was capped off with our party crashing the James Beard Foundation Awards afterparty at THOR. Hooray for free vodka tonics.

Few things of note:
  • So yeah, so my drinking hasn't exactly slowed down, but at least it's social drinking, not drinking by necessity.

  • As White Dade points out in his post, Larry (TIWWDN), The IJC and WD probably invite the most comments for being jackasses, but they're actually three of the genuinely nicest people you can meet in real life. They are nothing like what you'd expect from their online persona. In fact, I want to strangle them for being so fucking charming.

  • Transportation options to Avenue C: quite lacking.

  • Again, I did not, repeat, NOT walk out on my tab at Happy Endings. Tab issues aside, I like the place. I get claustrophobic, which was partly why I booked early, but that's par for the course on a Saturday night.

  • As much as I enjoy tapas as date food, I find it's better with a larger group - last night, my end of the table ended up ordering pretty much the entire menu. Me = fan of variety.

  • Kids, "Barça" is pronounced "Bar-sa", not "Bar-ka". Don't they teach Catalan in schools?

  • The bi-level structure of Revival comes in handy when there's intra-group drama to be quashed.

  • More detailed accounts of events described above, Rashomon-style:
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