Wednesday, March 08, 2006

New York Times always has a finger on the pulse... of a coma patient

Over the past week, the Gray Lady told us about: how Bushwick is the new hot nabe (during my apartment search 2 years ago, I remember specifically telling my friend Fish, "Hey, did you know white people live in Bushwick?"), leechers are stealing wireless connection (this was old news when CNN covered it last July), and the ultimate non-stories, Wal-Mart shoving their hands inside puppet bloggers.

The last item, I can almost see it being newsworthy in the right context. You know, an examination of how corporations have learned to stop worrying and love the 'sphere, and see where the philosophy shift came. Or how Wal-Mart's lobbying differs from anyone else's. Or if the strategy is any different for mass media writers and bloggers. Or its success/failure with traditional PR/advertising.

But the Times did none of that. Just lazy, superficial reporting.

  • Seu Jorge and Jose Gonzalez together? Good god, I love this city (though Summerstage is absolute torture, what with the humidity and the lines).

  • And I couldn't agree more with the kids at Cole Slaw: 57 things about living in New York that are so great it's practically unbearable. Add "going to see bands your friends will hear about in 6 months or more", "rooftops" and "drinking establishments with patios" and we're set.

  • After seeing the reviews for Block Party, I'm excited.

    And Ian's right when he says "You got enough Erykah Badu to remind me that 'Mama's Gun' is a far better album than anyone gives it credit for". Seriously, listen to Outkast's "Ms. Jackson", and then listen to "Green Eyes", the last song on Mama's Gun (actually, the last three songs) and you can see how Erykah took her breakup with Andre3000 a little differently.

    Also, Bloc Party mp3s:
    Bloc Party - Two More Years
    Bloc Party - Two More Years (MSTRKRFT Remix)

  • Big Boi and T.I. have A.T.L., The Game has The Documentary, Kurupt has... Kurupt Uncut XXX. Read: Fleshbot DVD review (probably not safe for work).

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