Monday, February 27, 2006

I dreamed I was dying as I so often do

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Thoughts upon catching Stars in concert at Webster Hall Saturday night:
  • Seriously, are Canada's music education and national health care the best things to happen to music of the mid-00's? Yes.

  • Nice: A solid, energetic set followed by an encore of three crowd pleasers. Nicer: A solid set followed by "The First Five Times", "Calendar Girl" and "Elevator", and wrapped up withthe whole band off the stage, leaving Torquil and Chris to perform a stripped-down "Tonight".

    (a) I wasn't familiar with the song so I appreciated it hearing it played with my favorites, and (b) while it's great to hear a band finish up a set with straight out bangers, there's something refreshing about having a bookend track to send the crowd home.

  • Fuck all the haters, Webster Hall is not a bad place to watch a concert.

  • Still, every time I leave that place, I'm glad it's not on fire.

  • I can't think of too many bands who can make such pretty music out of death, denial and despair.

  • You in the front - actually, like 4 or 5 of you - do you really need that many photographs for your blog? I mean, they're nice to look at and all, but shit, enjoy the show.

  • Still, they sure are pretty.

  • Slightly more annoying are the people who are 50 ft from the stage using the flash. I mean, it's great if they enjoy pictures of the back of people's heads nicely lit up, but otherwise, what's the point? They light the stage up pretty bright at Webster Hall so you can probably get decent pics au naturel. At least the kids up front with the $2,000 cameras know what they're doing.

  • Why don't more bands travel with violins and horns?

  • Good god, I love m2m. Fuck LES/Chinatown, I should move to East Village.

  • I have to say, after the way Meredith treated George in last night's episode, I am now firmly entrenched in Team Addison.

  • Seems a little weird - one night after watching Stars play, I see Avril Lavigne plays the Closing Ceremonies at the Torino Games as the pop music representative for Canada.

  • mp3: Stars - Calendar Girl


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