Friday, February 24, 2006

Stuff | February 24, 2006

You know, I'd talk about Sasha Cohen and her ass busting, but I missed it as I was getting my drink on in Billyburg Bk of all places. So yeah, I'm turning into a fucking cliche. But it's okay Sasha, you're still a 4 to me.

Now that America's Great White Hope has failed to win a gold medal, where shall figure skating go? We won't know until 2010, when it will be okay (though probably no less creepy) to ogle at Emily Hughes and Kimmie Meissner.
  • You know, Mike Lupica, I did the whole Knicks-Bush Admin comparison thing over 4 months ago, and mine was better. Not to say that I'm a good writer or anything - you have to really try to suck harder than Lupica.

  • If your taste in music is as good as mine, you probably already checked out Swedes Please and downloaded Tommy Eld's cover of "What Is Love", which is SNL's "Roxbury Boys" skit meets Jerry Maguire meets Ikea.

  • Slate gives us a pictorial guide to blonde eye candies behind the anchor desk.

  • I think I like this guy (so homo). I really do want to meet Larry's anonymous commenter(s) though. It's practically a blog within a blog.

    [via This Is What We Do Now]

  • I've always liked Keith Olbermann, if only because he kept Dan Patrick's ego in check on SportsCenter. I like him more (again, so homo) after he names Bill O'Reilly "Worst Person in the World" two nights in a row.

    Also, Keith handles Improv Everywhere's No Pants stunt with with appropriate amounts of affection and sarcasm.

  • WNYC's Brian Lehrer Show (sans Brian Lehrer) explores the world of Stop Snitchin' (audio).
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