Friday, February 17, 2006

I don't talk shit about other people enough

I don't want to call them names or anything, but when I read Adfreak, I do wonder what's in the water cooler at the Adweek office.

Previously, I pointed out Celeste Ward's dumbfuckery regarding a Catholic school's ecision to ban blogging and MySpacing.

Last week, Mark Dolliver wrote, without any apparent irony, "it’d be nice to see the (hybrid) technology taken down a peg or two" because hybrids are too quiet, and therefore dangerous. Aren't blogs supposed to offer a counterbalance to the traditional media's fear mongering? Oh wait, Adweek is traditional media.

And yesterday, Deanna Zammit complains because the trailer for TransAmerica doesn't tell you the movie's about trannies. Because, you know, Brokeback previews came with a flashing "Come see the gay cowboy movie, y'all!" sign, and the preview for Monster clearly said, "If you see just one lesbian hooker serial killer movie this year...". Because we're so lazy that we pick movies simply based on trailers and make no effort to find any information on them. Because we're so fucking dumb that we wouldn't understand what a movie titled TransAmerica starring a mannish looking Felicity Huffman is about.

Wait, am I blogging about blogging again? Fuck, I keep forgetting I hate that shit. Sorry.


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