Thursday, February 02, 2006

My anti-American Apparel rant

As I always do on Thursday mornings, I pick up a copy of The Onion, and just as the sun rises in the east, there's an American Apparel ad in the back. Do you see what the model's wearing? Yep, a leotard. What's up with those assholes at American Apparel? I mean, a leotard? Leotard! What a bunch of fucktards.

Let me tell you everything I hate about American Apparel. Overpriced hipster uniform $15 for a plain t-shirt soft porn ads that Made In Downtown LA shit is bullshit faux-80's nostalgia blah blah blah sexual harasser Dov Charney blah blah hipsters blah blah lemmings blah blah blah yay sweatshops blah blah blah hipsters hipsters hipsters.

Fuck that shit. I like American Apparel. Their clothes are comfortable. Their employees are nice to me. As I speak, I'm wearing two pieces of AA clothing. Dov Charney's cult of personality and general creepiness bothers me only slightly. Sure, some of their shit's ugly (see above), but you know, you could be spending 3 times as much shopping at Abercrombie.


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