Wednesday, February 01, 2006

I'm not always as brilliant as I think I am

When I posted my list of links thingie that I always do at [dc], I thought I was being so clever referring to Chuck Klosterman as "Klosterfuck". I mean, what better way to describe his pseudo-intellectual, so-above-it-all writing?

Then I got curious; I mean, it's an easy joke, take "Klosterman" and "clusterfuck", split the difference and you have "Klosterfuck". It would be surprising if someone hadn't come up with that already. Sure enough, a Google search reveals that the word has been used as early as a column in an August issue of NY Press. 2003! NY Press! The last time I felt so unoriginal was that Halloween when I was one of roughly 2,000 Britney Spearses in Miami Beach.

Lessons to take away from this:
  1. I'm not that original. I'd say I'm just trying to make a better mousetrap, but who am I kidding? I'm just putting a fresh coat of paint on the mousetrap.

  2. Everything's been done. The shit that comes easily, anyway.

  3. I spend more time thinking about myself and my writing than I care to admit.

Also, update on bilking that multi-national corporation for thousands - I ended up bilking them for far below market value, but the important thing is that I am bilking them.


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