Thursday, January 26, 2006

When the comic says "Tip your waitress", seriously, tip your waitress

I like Mo Pitkin's House of Satisfaction despite its cumbersome name and the Jimmy Fallon affiliation. I appreciate that there's a comedy venue within drunk stumbling distance of my apartment and it doesn't require hurdling West Village frat boys or Midtown tourists. Oh, and no drink minimums.

That said, I'm not sure I can keep going their regularly. I attended a couple of shows over the past 2 weeks and on both occasions, I enjoyed myself. But I was also left to settle my friends' tabs as they ditched before the waitress could get to them (and by friends, I mean random bloggers whom I'd never met in person until a month ago).

When this happened most recently on Tuesday night, the waitress recognized me from the last time and gave me a look that communicated either sympathy or pity.

I'm afraid this is going to become a pattern if I keep attending shows at Mo's. It's not that I mind paying for other people's drinks - I just don't want to be the bitch boy who will come through when you forget that vodka tonics don't grow on trees. The third time will be a crucial test - if it happens again, it's clearly a sign that I should not attend live comedy, ever. Or hang out with bloggers.

Though I guess the good news is that there are two people who now owe me handjobs.

*In other blogger related news, pour out some lube for Girlspoke's Lexie who ain't with us no mo'.

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