Thursday, January 19, 2006

Tha block is Thicke Thicke Thicke

What happens when you put together two things I don't like - Southern hip hop and The Tonight Show with Jay Leno - and add Mike Seaver's dad's son to the mix? Totally awesome. Clearly, I need to watch more crap television.

Say what you will about either artist, Lil Wayne and Robin Thicke doing "Shooter" is about as fun a late night talk show musical performance as you'll see this side of the Arcade Fire's appearance on Conan. And Banana Republic is obscenely underrated as hip hop couture.

Video: Real/WMV (Fader via brooklynvegan)

In the comments, Joey asks "What am I missing?" Honestly, I'm still not sure exactly why I like it so much. I mean, if it was some dude from Maroon 5 singing the hook for a media darling/MC/producer I wouldn't give a crap, so it's not just a "dorky white guy with rapper" thing. Part of it is that they just look like they're having a good time on stage - they're being goofy and there's little trace of self consciousness (ergo the comparison to the Arcade Fire on Late Night with Conan).

Another thing is that Weezy and Thicke couldn't be more opposite. One's a black dude with a raspy voice, practically a midget, grew up poor but had enough money by age 16 to appear on a track that essentially brought the phrase "bling bling" to the masses. The other's a tall white dude with a smooth voice, who grew up rich but slummed it down as a bicycle messenger. Yet the two have great chemistry on stage.


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