Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Linkatharsis: Or, will I ever come up with original material?

  • Bush does his "Dear, Christian Right, sorry for ignoring you since November 2004. To make up for it, I'm going to pander to you by promoting Intelligent Design in schools." thing. Seriously, can we stop pretending Intelligent Design is anything but a weak sauce attempt to dress up Creationism in a secular disguise? No matter how they tweak the wording, it isn't, and never will be science and should never ever be taught as such.

  • Gotta love it, the Bloc Party vs Art Brut feud escalates to, um, violence. Man, this is like The Killers vs The Bravery all over again.

  • Humanity escaped with an upset win in Toronto but mother nature pulled even, prevailing against Utah boyscouts.

    It tragic, but what can you do? Lightning doesn't strike people that often, but when it does, it strikes. As for the Toronto crash, instead of framing it as a "miracle", I'd say it's another indicator of how ridiculously safe air travel is. Even when lightning strikes and blows shit up, they manage to get everyone out with no major injuries. Pretty amazing more shit doesn't go down considering how many planes fly everyday.

    Remember, follow the flight attendants' instruction and be aware that the exit closest to you might be behind you.

  • Darren Rovell takes on the blockbuster that doesn't involve Miami Heat, the possible adidas/Reebok merger. The average consumer won't see the difference since the Reebok brand (and the ubiquitous 50 Cent/"I am what I am" posters) will be still be around, and it just means adidas will have more of a footing in North America. It'll be interesting to see how they can avoid cannibalizing their own brands though.

  • More on the missing Philadelphia woman story - turns out, the "bloggers pester the mass media" angle was much juicier than the "minority woman goes missing" angle.

    I'm a bit uncomfortable with the "bloggers will cover whatever fall through the cracks" attitude though. While blogs are useful for keeping a check on the traditional media, they don't have the same infrastructure or resources, while they are prone to the same biases and bandwagon hopping.
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