Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Linkatharsis: Tuesday is the greatest day I have ever known

  • Is Hustle & Flow turning into this year's... Napoleon Dynamite? Sure looks that way.

  • When stinky brown Santorum isn't unintentionally bringing attention to his massive crush on Hillary Clinton, he's trying to make you pay for weather reports to protect little old Accuweather.

  • Some people are idiots (via AdLand ad-rag.com)

    I mean, really, who's stupid enough to spend time and money shooting a commercial so maybe, just maybe, they'll get $50? Because they're "inspired" by a brand? Because some company is stingy and shortsighted enough to let some silly amateurs dictate their branding. I'll have that Kool Aid now, thanks.

  • From NPR, Johnny Cash sings 'Den Weg Zur�ck', back when English-language songs weren't quite so marketable in Europe.

  • How can you not love the new Target commercial, "I Like Backpacks And I Cannot Lie..."? Using an ode to big asses to sell back-to-school gear? So wrong, it's fucking godlike.

  • I mean, really, what's more romantic than a ring made from your bones?

  • URGENT: response requested for SPAM email conference in Nigeria. Great opportunity!
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