Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Linkartharsis: Tue Busy Tuesday

  • Tale of Two Cities' Joey is drunk with 311 lust (the city information line, not the mid-90s ska-pop band, though who knows, Joey may in fact be rocking out to "Down" as we speak)
    These services have won over New Yorkers like Joey Arak, who first called 311 in the middle of one night last summer after a car alarm began blaring outside his Orchard Street apartment. The call resulted in the arrival of several police officers, who broke into the car, turned the alarm off, re-locked the car, and drove off.

    Arak has only called 311 a few times since then, but his experience has turned him into something of a 311 zealot. "Last week I was walking to work after grabbing lunch, and a teenage girl came up to me and said that the cashier in a nearby bodega stole her money and wouldn't give it back or something, and if I had seen any policemen pass by. My reply? 311. Whenever anyone has a parking question, my reply? 311."

  • Free at iTunes this week: Annie - "Me Plus One"

    I've only gotten into Anniemal recently, but I gotta say, "Heartbeat" has to be the most infectious track this side of "Hollaback Girl" in a year filled with infectious pop songs, Top 40 and otherwise.

  • Hornby interviews the Boss, finally (via Gumsy)

    Also, Pixies documentary? Don't mind if I do.

  • This should be fun: Slate's unauthorized museum audio tours. Really, this is what the iPod was invented for.

    Speaking of Podcasting, if you're looking to try it out and have any interest in current events, you could do a lot worse than NPR's On The Media.

  • New York City wants to reduce fat people, monitor diabetes.

  • Rough week for David Beckham. His team is embarrassed by the second worst team in Japan, he's mocked by the press for claiming to be spat upon, and loses his endorsement with Vodafone.

  • Dude, what's happening to my city? People are such idiots.
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