Monday, August 01, 2005

Mondays are la merde

I've been noticing that Mondays aren't good days to blog. I usually have work piled up that I have to catch up on and I tend to shut my brain (and my computer) off on weekends. I guess this is a long winded way of saying, don't expect much in terms of quality on Mondays, and I'll do the bulk of my postings from Tuesday to Friday.

  • I've always thought Pataki was a dipshit, but now it's personal. I can't think of anything more wrong than requiring prescription for morning after pills.

  • Obviously having misplaced the political capital he won last November, Bush bypasses Congress appoints John Bolton as ambassador to the UN.

  • Great, just what we needed, another power struggle in the Middle East.

  • Things aren't so hot in Sudan either.

  • Finished watching Sideways, what shows up on the TV? Paul Giamatti riding a stationary bike on The Truman Show. See, that's weird.

  • When I watch movies that show substance abuse, I get this urge to emulate it. For example, I had the worst craving for a joint after Half Baked even though I hadn't sparked one up in four years, and Sideways had me craving wine, obviously. Trainspotting didn't have me shooting up or anything but I did immediately go out and grab some McDonald's food, which is about the worst thing I've ever put in my body.

  • See what I mean about Monday posts?

  • Insert your own Rafael Palmeiro Viagra/steroids joke here.
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