Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Linkatharsis: Slippery When Wetnesday

  • G-G-G-G-G-G-G-SAVE!

    That's right, say good bye to the Global War on Turr-ism, or G-WOT, say hello to the Global Struggle Against Violent Extremism, or G-SAVE. This should make us all feel better about Iraq, or that we haven't really fought turr. Which reminds me, what's a five-letter Arabic word for " struggle", starts with J?

  • In a desperate attempt for some press, any press, Dennis Rodman gets pulled over twice in a charity rally race.

  • Sign that the Chinatown bus is over? NY-DC/Philly shuttle bus operators Apex Bus/Today's Bus has a blog, reports Alice Ayers.

    Quite blah as you might imagine. They could spice it up by, say, posting rider experiences, perhaps? I still have the photographs if that want.

  • I'll be buying a new laptop in the near future. This will probably be it.

  • Christian fundies plan exodus to South Carolina, where they won't have to put up with any of that separation of church and state bullshit.

  • I'm shocked, shocked to find that payola is going on in here.

    I join in the chorus of yawns heard all across the internets. Any artist who's on mainstream radio is there because money the label specifically paid for airplay, and radio stations got paid. Except normally, an independent promoter is taking a cut to keep it all legal. Sony just happened to cut out the middleman. The only big deal here is that the media is making a big deal.

    Though I'm sure some fans of Franz Ferdinand must be utterly crushed that the band didn't make it to Top 40 radio because of their irresistible indie sound. That can't help their cred, can it?

  • Believe it or not, people aren't shouting from the mountain top expressing their love for the new Chrysler ads starring Lee Iaccoca. Who knew that Seinfeld references wouldn't be so fresh in 2005?
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