Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Audioscrobbler is dead. Long live Last.fm

(photo by aboutmattlaw)

Less than a week after I did my Audioscrobbler chart recap, Audioscrobbler.com decided to shut down and come back 3 days later as Last.fm, presumably to emphasize its radio player feature.

It's a much cleaner design and they seemed to have added more features and customizable views, but navigation remains a little clunky.

Anyhoo, here are the Top 10 artists I listened to the week ending Aug 14 (by iTunes plays per artist):
1The Roots 7
2The Arcade Fire5
-De La Soul 5
-Ibrahim Ferrer 4
-The Shins 4
7Architecture in Helsinki 3
-Sufjan Stevens 3

The Arcade Fire is the only holdover from 2 weeks ago, mostly because I have so many AF tracks on my computer. Ibrahim Ferrer makes the list posthumously. I listened to Feist 4 times?

And the Top 10 artists played by NYC members (by number of different group members who listened to each artist):
1The Beatles 28
3Belle and Sebastian 24
5Elliott Smith 20
-The Arcade Fire 20
8The Shins 19
-Death Cab for Cutie 19
10Green Day 18
-Bright Eyes18
Belle & Sebastian is the surprise here. Is there a bootleg mp3 out there that I should know about? What I think is remarkable though, is that the group has 181 members and the most popular band only has 28 listeners.

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