Monday, August 15, 2005

Old Navy Color Cords commercial: joycore defined

You know that Old Navy commercial where those young model type girls are picking pants from a Cord Farm? Yeah, that one. That is the most motherfucking delightful thing I've seen in a while, and only rivals Target's backpack spot and the Lachapelle-directed Burger King/Hootie spot on the awesomeness scale.

What is so great about it? The pretty girls? They sure don't hurt, but there are plenty of commercials featuring pretty girls and they are rarely memorable enough for me to post about them. Is it the cheesiness? Well, Old Navy ads have always been cheesy and dreadfully so that's not quite it either.

And yeah, it's a fucking Old Navy commercial targeting back to school shoppers. It's not particularly smart, witty or compelling, qualities I look for in good ads.

You know what it is? The girls look happy. Genuinely happy. I know, they're just acting, but it's a departure from the forced camp of the previous Old Navy campaigns, where the smiles came off awfully hollow. How fucking excited can you get about polar fleece? Ditto for the stay at home mom who's ecstatic over the shiny their kitchen counter, the family going nuts over an Olive Garden dinner and the twenty-something gushing over the suppressed herpes symptoms.

But these girls, they're having the time of their lives picking pants, running around, bouncing. Wouldn't you be happy too? Seeing people genuinely happy makes me happy and I like being happy. Ergo, I like this commercial.

  • As reported elsewhere, Fiona Apple is releasing a re-recorded Extraordinary Machine for release in October. Considering pretty much every Fiona Apple fan already has the album, we'll see how well this goes.

    Me? I like the stripped down and somewhat nonchalant feel of the original but it took a few listens to grow on me. I wonder how it'll be received by the non-blog frequenting audience.

  • False 45th likes this too: While My Ukulele Gently Weeps

    Incredible stuff. Really. Watch it and, uh, gently weep.

  • My man extrawack points to the free mp3 downloads at Neighborhoodies and they ain't half bad. Today - Belle & Sebastian's "Legal Man".

  • Caught The Aristocrats Friday night. Incredibly funny, even when you hear the same joke told over and over again. I now have a newfound appreciation for Gilbert Gottfried. Really.

  • Since I wasn't cool enough to go to SXSW earlier this year, I saw the Jesus Is Magic trailer (right-click and save) for the first time before The Aristocrats. You know, I've probably already heard every one of those jokes considering how unprolific Sara Silverman is, but what the hey, I'll pay $10.75 to watch her on the big screen. She's that funny.

  • Finally, my hit count comes back down to earth:

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