Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Linkatharsis: the soccer edition

Too much going on in soccer and not enough time to comment, with the European seasonss kicking off, Dallas opening its stadium while the MetroStars announce theirs in Harrison, NJ.

I'm pretty excited about the last little bit of news, actually. Not only will the Metros have a place built just for them instead of an empty football stadium, I'll have a soccer stadium that I can get to with just a 15 minute train ride from 14th St. You know, I'd love to do the good soccer fan thing and support my local team but I have to admit, when I have to make multiple transfers and hours getting across to river to a stadium that isn't all that welcoming, it's just not worth it sometimes. Sure, a true fan should put up with a little nuisance to support his team, but fandom should be a two-way street, no matter what Nick Hornby tells you. And to me, East Rutherford, NJ feels as distant and foreign as Cardiff or Sarajevo.

Also, check Jim's nice little run down of soccer-specific MLS stadiums.

  • Gotta love headlines like "Americans are taken seriously at last", or even better, "Young Boys Wankdorf erection relief". Oh, those Brits and their subtlety.

  • This is good news for everyone: Zidane to return for France

    Would love to see him play in one more World Cup, especially after the disappointment of 2002.

  • My favorite Japanese player, Shunsuke Nakamura makes a pretty damn good debut for Celtic of Glasgow despite some skepticism.

  • Manchester United supporters, always classy:
    The fans were escorted by police as they sang 'I hope Glazer dies' and scuffles broke out as they stopped outside the main entrance. "

  • Manchester United players, also classy:
    Following one contentious exchange between a referee and Wayne Rooney, the Manchester United star was sent to anger management classes after he used 10 obscenities in 60 seconds.

  • Saturday, Saturday, Saturday: Middlesbrough v Liverpool

    Haven't been this excited/nervous about the beginning of the English season in quite some time.

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