Monday, August 08, 2005

Linkatharsis: Square To Be Hipster

  • So I'm a hipster, or rather, a "hipster" according to Polis. What the air quotes signify I'm not sure, but I suppose it won't be long before I start showing up in Blue States Lose. Bring me my eyeliner, STAT!

    As for the rest of the post, eh, can't say I disagree too much.

  • Peter Jennings dies at 67.

    Also, New York Times and Gawker reflect on Jennings.

  • Ibrahim Ferrer dies at 73.

    After I heard about the news, I broke out my Ferrer and Buena Vista Social Club CDs that were gathering dust on my bookshelf (CDs! Haven't listened to those in a while). Such a great voice - a shame that it took so long for him to be recognized over here.

    Do yourself a favor and take a listen if you haven't:
  • False 45th remembers CBGBs

  • In case you need more convincing that we need not worry much about John Roberts.

    Speaking of SCOTUS, Justice Stevens says "Oh by the way, I'm not digging the death penalty so much."

  • More on the stupid pointless subway backpack searches: profile of NYCLU suit plaintiffs.

  • I'm posting this mostly for Iason's benefit - Tiny's Kevin informs me that Alife on Rivington's all revamped. I didn't get a chance to check it out this weekend but I'll make it a point to go soon, and maybe drop a hundred or five on sneakers I don't need.

  • It's hip hop week at the Times:
  • Went to Hoboken this weekend for a top secret project. It's not that bad. A quick ride on the PATH from the city (and they take the Metrocard now), laid back town with a view of the city you can't get in Manhattan.

    Can I see myself living there? I'm not sure - it's a bit too quiet, y'know? Like they're up to something.

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