Friday, August 12, 2005

Say cheese! Okay, don't smile. Just tilt your head and stare vacantly.

Cobrasnake, the chronicler of all things LA hipster regularly featured on ToTC's
Blue States Lose finds that fame and fortune don't always go hand in hand:
But he still hasn't hit the big time - he can't afford a car, and he had to go on Extreme Makeover to get the Lasik eye surgery he wanted. When I meet him that night, his laptop is broken and he can't update his site. (He asks me if I can get him some sort of Wired discount on computers. As if!)

Ah, such is the curse of a genius, never appreciated in his own lifetime.
He runs around like a coked-up paparazzo, shoving his camera in people's faces and punctuating the dim interior with photo flashes. His patter and calculated dorkiness put everyone at ease. He catches great candid moments, as well as humorous subtleties, like the Levi's worn by the dance-punk bandmates from Out Hud as they accept their award from Diesel.

At 10 pm, Hunter's still nursing his first beer of the evening. "I don't want anyone to think I'm here fucking around," he tells me. "I have a job to do." He confides that he's also hoping to avoid a repeat of last year's event - he got ejected for Heineken-related offenses.

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