Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Street art vs "Street Art"

Graf writers don't like sell outs:

photo credit: me, GammaBlaBlog

To be fair, it's not really selling out per se, but who you sell out too. A point in comparison: a mural for sneaker shop Nort by the same crew remains unmolested on Ludlow St, just on the other side of Houston. The Hummer, of all brands, in East Village, of all places? That shit might fly on the Upper East Side but not Downtown.

Well that, and the Hummer mural has a lot of open space for throwing shit up. The Nort mural is way too complex to go over.

  • Puma's summer catalog is pretty fancy. (via Adland/Cool Hunting). Not the easiest to navigate but it's fantastic branding.

  • The most amazing thing about the F-train and the NYC subway system in general is their ability to come up with new, innovative ways to fuck up. This time, a derailment at Smith-9th and a game of subway musical chairs. This meant the C ran on the F, the F ran on the D and the V ran on the C. Or something. Whatever they did, it did not leave me a happy camper.

    And I'm standing on the train, minding my own business and this dude sitting down facing me tells me not to stand in front of him. I'm like, "What?" I was going to be all "I know you didn't just tell me to move," and I was ready to stand there just to be an ass about it, but I had to get off at the next stop. Next time.

  • Nick Hornby at the Union Square Barnes & Noble next Monday? Don't mind if I do.

  • Why did Ticketweb feel the need to inform me about the upcoming Bravery shows? Do they not know that I am a man of taste?
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