Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Rilo Kiley - May 27 @ Webster Hall, plus weekend catchup

Friday night, caught Rilo Kiley at Webster Hall. I was left with an extra ticket and I didn't get anyone to take up my offer via this site but I found a dude looking for a ticket on Craiggerslist and got $20 and a beer. So that paid for the ticket and the service charge. Score. I lost the guy after he left to go to the bathroom - did I get ditched? Or did I move too far into the crowd? I'm going to say the ditching was mutual. He wasn't my type anyway. Pfft.

Anyhoo, fairly enjoyable show. I'm not the hugest RK fan and I mainly know just the songs off More Adventurous but most of the set list appeared to come from it and Jenny Lewis & gang kept up the energy. And getting the more poppy, recognizable tracks like "Absence of God" and "Portions for Foxes" seemed to be the right move, leaving the heavier tracks like "Does He Love You" for later in the show.

I have the rest of the pics here but as usual, I'm not too happy with them. It's partly the equipment, partly being too far away from the stage and trying to do it one handed without using a flash.

Overall, decent, not great. Glad I went, though I probably would've enjoyed it more if I were a fan, who knows. Also, Webster Hall isn't as bad as I remembered it to be. The humidity, the middle school gym muskiness and the occasional dripping of mystery liquids from the overhang aside, I didn't feel the bit uncomfortable.

  • The night gets interesting as I check my voicemail leaving Webster Hall. I had received a call from my old roommate Fish and find out he's taken a job back in NC and will be leaving next week. He's over at Hotel Gansevoort which is surprisingly nice, if a bit too packed. Since I wanted to semi productive Saturday, I figure I'll just have a drink or two and get out, because that plan always works. Long story short, I get to bed around 5:30.

    And I'm way way way too generous with my money when I'm drunk. I might have tipped the Pushcart guy. Oh what the hell, they deserve the extra cash for their wonderful creations.

  • More press for Mad Hot Ballroom. It's not Fog of War but it's not The Longest Yard either. If it's showing in your town, go see it, dammit.

  • Aksi from Slate, this time on Lost. I'd missed most of the season finale and I'm glad ABC replayed it Saturday. A fantastic episode and really, does it get any better than "You got some Artz on your shirt?"

  • I've been checking New Yorkology recently - it's meant for tourists to the city but a lot of the stuff is useful for New Yorkers. Love the post on New York webcams and in the latest entry, a heads up on Governor's Island and a man with a mission.

  • Also been checking out A Full Belly quite a bit. Posting patter can get off and on but it's a great resource for people who like to eat as much as I do.

  • This makes me unhappy - Bit Torrent Sites getting shut the fuck down. While I realize there's not getting around the fact that file sharing is piracy, I can't imagine my catching up on OC episodes that I missed is costing Fox and its advertisers much. In fact, I'm more likely to stay with a show if I can keep up. Though I suppose I could always get DVR.

  • Trouble in Freddyland - I can't get over the fact that (a) the kid is barely old enough to drive and (b) he has Michael Johnson talking for him.

  • Via The Apiary and our maternal twins at Cole Slaw Blog, Improv Everywhere's U2 rooftop stunt. The amount of balls and details that went into this is pretty amazing. And gotta love the disguise for the fake The Edge.

    You might remember Improve Everywhere from their previous Union Square window stunt.
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