Friday, May 27, 2005

Never Say Never (updated)

Never say never

You may have (but probably haven't) noticed that my posting since Wednesday evening has been erratic to say the least. I'd like to say it was because I'd drank too much celebrating Liverpool's victory in the Champions League. That would only be part true. I am not drunk off alcohol, but I still have not recovered from the euphoria following the Miracle of Istanbul.

I'm not sure if I can put how I'm feeling into words without babbling like a schoolgirl, but I will try anyway. Where do I start? The fact that I've been following the club since 1986 and it's experienced more downs than ups since? Or that the heroes of the night were three players who probably won't be with the club next season: the much-maligned goalkeeper Jerzy Dudek who made several match saving stops in the 2nd half and was imperious in the penalty shootout and goal scorer Vladmir Smicer, who had suffered from injury most of the season and was told earlier this week that he will be released from the club, and Ditmar Hamman, who came on as a substitute and shored up the defense. Or is it ending an otherwise disappointing season with the ultimate prize in Europe? A proud champion returning to Europe's elite for the first time in 21 years?

I don't know. There's so much going on here, and I could never fully explain to you the magnitude of what happened. Think the Red Sox coming back from 0-3 down against the Yankees. Think of a college basketball team knocking off three #1 seeds to win the national championship. Think Buffalo Bills against the Houston Oilers. Think Rocky trying to stay alive on the ropes. Think all of that combined.

When the team is struggling on the field, Liverpool supporters sing "You'll Never Walk Alone", a Rodgers & Hammerstein song later adopted by Merseybeat band Gerry & the Pacemakers. No other song could be more appropriate on Wednesday night in Istanbul.

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