Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Jack Bauer is dead. Long live Jack Bauer.

  • TWoP Recaplets of the 24 seaon finale

    More or less enjoyable season finale. The first hour was exciting enough, but as is the case with many season finales, they tried to wrap up too much too quickly (and yet still managed to leave some loose ends untied) but spent a whole half hour diddling about with the non-drama of Jack Bauer getting arrested/murdered/extradited, which was the absolute nadir of silliness.

    Still, oh Mandy, well, you came and you gave without taking - she looked fantastic in her boots and little skirt. Tony trying to fight her off, handcuffed and all, and then Curtis cold cocking her were the highlights of the night - not that I would condone hitting a girl, mind you. And while I was disappointed to see my favorite Islamo-fascist terrorist Marwan go, at least he didn't go down like a bitch. In the end, that's what the jihad is about, not going down like a bitch.

    The Audrey and Michelle melodramas coupled with the CTU's gross incompetence dragged the show down but it still had enough to interest me. Will I watch again when the show comes back on January 2006? We shall see, we shall see. Also, Chloe and Edgar need their own spinoff sitcom.

  • If there is anything that is on par with my devotion to Tar Heel basketball, it's probably Liverpool FC. With a little more than 24 hours to go before the Champions League Final against Milan, I am devising a plan to duck out of work so I can go to Nevada Smiths or someplace else that's showing the match.

    In the meantime, I take comfort in learning that some scientists think red is the color of victory - the Reds of Liverpool will be wearing red, natch, while the Rossoneri of Milan will wear their alternate whites. It's the little things that count, y'know.

    Also, Jim has a two-part entry on Liverpool's return to glory.

  • I posted the Williamsburg Neckface Begins! job earlier but it looks even more stunning at night, as seen here. Neckface is a lovely boy.

  • Matt Feeney of Slate is spot on with his criticism of Desperate Housewives, particularly the narrator and the pretense. The "lesson of the day" narration was annoying and unnecessary, and the whole "speaking from beyond the grave" thing was done by, wait for it, American Beauty. The show was entertaining enough at first but it just got silly from about the halfway point.

  • Speaking of voices, Tony the tiger is dead.

  • I know today's a big day for releases, what with Common's Be and Gorillaz's Demon Days, but iTunes has free MIA track. Haven't really made my mind up on her. I don't listen to enough of the lyrics to really care about the socio political stuff and she's been getting too much ink for what she is, but it's not bad party music.

  • Common tonight at S.O.B.'s, Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players at Tonic on Thursday. Hmm. Rilo Kiley on Friday, most defs.
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