Friday, June 03, 2005

The State of the Dip

Lately, I've been wondering about which direction, if any, spinachdip should take. As you might have noticed, I've been sort of everywhere, from music to OC episode reviews to soccer to Chinatown bus travelogs. I wonder if this blog could use more focus. Then again, I kinda like the free form format and it's not like I'm trying to appeal to all kinds of people - I just happen to have a wide range of interests.

The good news is that I've figured out a comfortable posting schedule so I'm getting 1 to 3 posts every weekday. My feeling on blogging is that consistency is more important than quantity. I still need to work on post lengths and just throwing too much shit into single posts, but that's what happens when I'm my own editor. I get the occasional writer's block but I've managed to squeeze enough out somehow. Yay me.

So what's my point? Eh, don't really have one, which that shouldn't be a surprise if you've been reading this site. Well, I guess I'm pretty okay with the way things are and I'm getting a moderate amount of visits. Thanks to everyone who's been reading and other bloggers for linking me.

That's it for now. Enjoy the weekend.

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