Friday, June 03, 2005

Friday linkage: 80s retro, 90s retro, more 80s/90s retro

  • Man, it's great to see Brother Jimmy's get so much love from Gawker in the past few days thanks to Christian Slater's drunk ass.

    There's just no better place in the Upper East Side for eating both easter and western style barbecue whilst watching ACC hoops.

  • Man, I love Shakira in so many ways that I cannot describe on a family website, but shit, what's with the Twisted Sister hair?

  • Blackalicious says: "Don't call us nerd rap."

    New album coming in September. Isn't that about when the new Little Brother's dropping too? (Did I just say "dropping"? I'm slipping.) In the meantime, check out Blazing Arrow. If your taste in hip hop is anything like mine (which is to say, good), you'll like it.

  • Which reminds me, did anyone catch Arrested Development (the 90s group, not the greatest show on television) on Hit Me Baby One More Time? They sounded surprisingly good. They even had that bearded old guy on stage.

    It feels like the 1990s all over again with Fugees, Digable and Black Sheep coming back.

    Back to Hit Me, I caught about 10 minutes of it, enough to not recognize Flock of Seagulls, be grossed out by Loverboy and gain a renewed appreciation for Kelly Clarkson watching Tiffany do "Breakaway".

  • Dave Chappelle's back Stateside. Says Dave, "If I do Half Baked 2, you'll know I've run out of money."

    He talks about Hollywood being a forgiving place, but at least as far as his fans are concerned, it helps that Dave is a guy who's easy to forgive (not that he needs any forgiving). As high as his stock may have risen, he still comes off as affable and down to earth (he lives on a frickin' farm!) so he will always get the benefit of the doubt, as opposed to, say, Lindsay Lohan or Michael Jackson. Great to hear that he's in good spirits.

  • Breaking! Association of National Advertisers doesn't think advertising is to blame for child obesity!

  • Oh good god this is beautiful. (via totc)

  • Malcolm Glazer's Manchester United Football Club has a new fan blog.

  • Finally, in my search for blogs named after foods but have nothing to do with their namesake (Cole Slaw Blog for example), I have stumbled upon avocado green which talks about many things that are neither avocado nor the avocado green color.

    First impression - I like it. Very concise but still thoughtful, the kind of writing that I aspire to but will never achieve.
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