Thursday, May 05, 2005

What's eating Gilbert Arenas?

Gilbert, Gilbert, Gilbert. Absolute clutch.

And clearly, the Wizzies are much better without Kwame throwing around negative vibes and stomach viruses. Speaking of whom, I should do a write up on free agent point guards and big men (swingmen are interchangable if you ask me). Maybe next week.

  • Against my better judgment, I watched last night's American Idol EXPOSÉ!! What can I say, Pill Poppin' Paula and Convict Corey deserve each other.

    But that's not important. What is important is that Randy Jackson looked awesome in leather. Journey? I grew up on that shit. "Don't Stop Believing" is my air guitar anthem. Steve Perry? I sing "Oh Sherry" in the shower when I'm feeling down. I love you dawg.

    But back to Corey and Paula, can you imagine what Paula Abdul's pillow talk might be like?
    "Corey, that was great. You put your all into it and you really fucked from the heart. Just wonderful."

    Then Simon comes in with the video camera and goes "That was absolutely dreadful. That was the worst fucking I've ever seen. If you went on any longer, I don't know if I could ever have sex again. Dreadful."

  • Season 3 of Chappelle's Show pushed back indefinitely. Chatty PAs say Dave isn't doing so hot. You know, there's a joke in here somewhere about how a comedian blows up big in his contract year, only to stink it up once he gets the big payday.

    In the meantime, can't they give us Wayne Brady's Show?

  • From Overheard in New York yesterday:
    Metro New York guy: Free paper! Get your free paper!...Man, I'm sick of this shit.
    --Union Square

    Metro New York guy: Shit, man, I'm tired of sayin' this!...Okay, fine. Good mornin'. Good mornin'. Shit.
    --Park Place station

  • Film adaptation for the new Nick Hornby novel picked up before it's even published. Johnny Depp will co-produce and possibly star. Anyway, I've enjoyed all but one his novels (and memoir), while High Fidelity and About A Boy were both solid films (not too thrilled about either of the Fever Pitch adaptations though). I expect good stuff.

  • Respect, short film for the K1200R bike from BMW.

  • Finished reading Angry Black White Boy. It started out well - a nice exposition of a white kid who's dove headfirst into hip hop culture - but it loses steam at the climax and the final act isn't unlike the last 30 minutes of Collateral, a trainwreck ending for a great flick. Still, it was an enjoyable read once I got past the letdown - even the choppy parts have their moments. 1.2 thumbs up.

    Currently reading Times Square Red Times Square Blue. I'm only at the first chapter. Eh. We'll see.

  • Even though the Lower East Side is fast yuppiefying, most of the changes are happening between Rivington and Houston. The pace of gentrification is considerably slower below Delancey, particularly below Grand where LES and Chinatown intersect, and I like the little businesses on Orchard St like the Chinese menu printers and suit shops that are seemingly all owned by Hassidic dudes.

    There's a sign shop at the corner of Orchard and Hester and they often have finished signs out on the sidewalk waiting to be delivered, and a block down, a new clothing store opened in place of a natural supplements shop at the corner of Canal. When these little random joints are gone, then the neighborhood will really be dead to me.

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