Tuesday, May 03, 2005

I was watching "Pretty In Pink" last night...

I have to say, neither Molly Ringwold nor Andrew McCarthy is quite as hot as I thought they were at the time. Still, it's good to see James Spader hasn't aged a bit.
  • Man, 24 is sucking a big suckity suck suck right now. I'll still watch it so I can make fun of it, but seriously. How are they coming up with these plotlines, Choose Your Own Counter-Terrorist Adventures? At this point, I'm rooting for the terrorists. At least they have principles, and more importantly, they are nowhere near as stupid or petty as CTU. Sure, Jack will win out in the end but Marwan will have gone down with class.

    Speaking of Fox shows that are fast approaching the waterski ramp, The OC will show two new episodes this Thursday after last week's show got bumped by Dubs' press conference. The gang goes to the SoBe? I Approve.

  • Liverpool 1-0 Chelski Also, partial male nudity:

    So the team fighting for 4th place in England will play for the title of the best club side in Europe. Frustrating as it was, this has been a crazy season to be a Liverpool supporter. YNWA.

  • TIWWDN on B-Burg/G-Point rezoning

    All this yuppifying of previously boho neighborhoods is a little disconcerting, especially now that the wave of redevelopment has crossed East River. True, it's rarely a good idea to stop development and Williamburg gentrification was in motion for years. Though really, it's more the way the gentrification is happening.

    It's noteworthy that Larry brings up SoHo in his post. It's hard to believe that the neighborhood was once synonymous with Boho, pardon the rhyme, but it does show a nice contrast with what's happening in LES and will happen across the bridge. What is different now is the combination of scale and speed of the development. Soho might have gotten yuppiefied, but they kept the old warehouses and you still have small galleries and boutiques if you step off Broadway.

    I see the pro-dev argument that development is inevitable and artists have always found a place, but they've always been close to the heart of the city, and all of New York suffers as the creative energy gets pushed farther out.

    The 21st Century version of Dylan Thomas is going to drink himself to death, not at the White Horse Tavern, but at some seedy strip joing in Sunset Park.

  • I just installed Tiger and so far so good. I haven't go through any of the new features but I love how Dashboard looks (below). Spotlight is taking forever to index my hard drive but searching for crap on my computer is going to be so much easier once that's done.

  • Never been a huge Skip Bayless fan but he talks about one of my favorite NBA players right now, Manu:
    Growing up in Argentina, Ginobili wasn't conditioned as a kid to believe he couldn't compete with black players. That, basically, is what has happened to so many American white kids. They give up basketball by high school, because, as the movie title said, 'White Men Can't Jump.'

    Too many American white kids have been intimidated by the prospect of having to compete against black players. But the nonblack players coming from leagues overseas are not afraid of anyone of any color on a basketball court. They are utterly confident doing the things they do best, and the only fear they have is of failure. In many cases, the NBA is also their way out of poverty.
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