Friday, April 29, 2005

Bush to nation: "Welcome to the DC, bitch!"

I'm probably Kutchering the hell out of the "Welcome to the ___, bitch!" joke. It's so 2003-04 TV season. I should stop.

Anyway Dubs preempted The OC and pushed the entire season back a week so he could spin the hell out of social security privatization and rising gasoline prices. The day was not without (somewhat) positive news, as the release of the Season 2 DVD set (thanks Pete) in August was announced. Not that I'm too excited - if I didn't drop 70 big ones for the excellent Season 1, I'm sure as hell not going to do it for the mediocre Season 2, even if it means I can get to see the worst on-screen lesbian kiss, ever, from 9 different angles.

But of course, the silver lining in all this is that every time Bush speaks, a Bushism is born.

  • Oh, you have gawt to be kidding: The Sandlot 2. Why why why?

  • "For me, being southern, this was a big part of growing up: if something sad's happening, and you're sitting in a room with a couple of people watching this sad thing go down, then someone has to make a joke. And the effort that it takes to make that joke, and to detract from the sadness, is how far you have to fall into depression. And when you see that distance, that's sad. It's not sad to take someone down the well, stick their face in a pile of shit and tell them that it's sad." (The Guardian)

    The album came out Tuesday though I'm still waiting for it. Should get it early next week. Most of the reviews rate the album as "good, not great" but we shall see.

  • Black Star performing at Coachella? Damn, double damn. Has there been a better Chappelle's Show musical performance than Mos and Talib doing "What Is Beef" in the final episode of the first season? Nope, nada,

  • Just in time for the Nets to get swept by the Heat: "Jay-Z is premiering a remake of his song 'The Takeover' featuring the Young Gunz at Thursday's Nets vs. Heat NBA playoff game. The rapper, who is part owner of the New Jersey Nets, recorded the remake last week as the Nets' playoffs playoffs anthem, and it will be available as a download on" (

    Is it just me or are the lines "Had a spark when you started but now you're just garbage/Fell from top ten to not mentioned at all" an apt description for a certain Nets swingman?

    Well, not really an update. Here's the official word on the Nets' "playoff anthem". Produced by Trackmasters? That can't be good. Still, I guess it's a nice way to announce to the fans in New Jersey that yes, the Nets really are moving to Brooklyn.

  • Crap. I know most of y'all don't care, but damn. Being a Liverpool supporter takes years off your life and hair off your head.

  • Don't you know they're LOCO? Despite their cooky acronym (which stands for the Ludlow Orchard Community Organization) and cookier ways (human chain?), I like these guys. Their heart's in the right place, and they're right - recent developments in the Lower East have been about outsiders, not the residents. Check out the Villager piece - they seem like good peoples and I can certainly empathize.
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