Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Everyone's out to get the Rapaport

So it's not just ToTC trying to besmirch the good name of the great, white Michael Rapaport.

The father of the really messed up former C-list actress Natasha Lyonne isn't too happy that the great Rapaport penned an article in Jane that paints Natasha as, well, really messed up. The dad, former boxing promoter Aaron Braunstein will fight Rapaport to defend the honor of his daughter. "Rapaport is nothing but a little redheaded bully who is jealous of Natasha," says daddy, "Obviously Rapaport is having trouble with his masculinity, having to pick on my little girl." Heh.

The best part is where Braunstein calls Natasha "a New York cultural icon". Besides the fact that she isn't, who does he think Rapaport is? Only the white people's representative to the world.

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