Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Happy 228th, Rasheed!

228th technical foul, that is. Rasheed recorded his latest T in last night's Game 2 of the first round playoff series against the Sixers. And boy, was this entertaining, just like the first 227 of his career. When Rasheed gets pissed, he gets the crazy eyes. His jersey comes untucked. He is pure intensity. There is no theater quite like a Rasheed Wallace technical foul.

Which has me thinking, and I hope NBA is paying attention because there's a huge goldmine here. Get the footage from all of his career technical fouls are put them all on a DVD. It'll sell like hot cakes, I guarantee it. Hell, put me in the NBA TV archive room and I'll piece the whole thing together.

Yeah, 228 is a lot, but you figure most of them can't be 20-30 seconds long so they'll all fit on one or two discs. You can have the original TV broadcast with a talking head overreacting. Multiple camera angles would be fantastic. A commentary track with the parties involved (sample: Ron Garrettson: "...and then he LOOKED AT ME!") is a must.

Commissioner Stern, you know how to reach me. You have to make this happen.

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