Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Still having sidebar issues

So the sidebar doesn't show up on Windows browsers, but appears perfectly fine on Mac OS X.

I contacted the good folks at Blogger.com to see if they can find the cause of the problem, but in the meantime, click on the individual post title to access the goodies on the sidebar like TagBoard and post links, or better yet, you can stop using Windows. You'll thank me later.

Ta la.

Update - Thursday, 12/2
So I got a response from Blogger today.
Subject: Re: [#138090] sidebar not showing on Windows
From: Blogger SupportĀ 

Hi there,

Please see our Blogger Help article on adding a tagboard to your blog:

Please note that currently, Blogger Support does not support further
questions regarding customized template code or CSS/HTML in general.
Please see our Blogger Help article for a pointers to more resources:


Blogger Support
Thanks a lot for answering my question, fuckers. Blogger, you suck.

Update - Tuesday, 12/28
So it's happening again. Shows up fine on Mac but the bottom gets cut off and the sidebar doesn't appear at all. So I'll contact Blogger Help again but until this gets fixed, Blogger are a bunch of Suckity McSuckersons who suck a great sucking.

Honestly, I'm seriously considering moving this sucker to a pay service like Typepad. Maybe next year.

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