Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Why you should stop reading this page on Internet Explorer

Tuesday's Yahoo piece is pretty clear on whether you should stop using that clunker of a web browser we call Internet Explorer... [click here to continue]: "for general-purpose Web browsing, there is no reason to put off the switch a minute longer. Firefox, Netscape, and Opera are an impressive trio of IE alternatives that could help shelter you from the daily blizzard of Internet exploits." Plus, tabbed browsing!

Not that I care that much though. I use Safari, which comes loaded on Mac OS X and works like a charm.

In any case, here's a job I wouldn't want - defending IE to the masses, the press (Very Big Blog). Here's the part that stuck out:
Mr. Schare has said that Mozilla's Firefox must prove it can smoothly move from version 1.0 to 2.0
See, that to me represents what's wrong with Microsoft's business model. It's based on getting users to commit to its software and forcing them to move from version to version, instead of simply creating a software that works now. Microsoft is worried about creating a new version that's overloaded with features it wants to push.

I guess it's good that consumers are slowly but surely finding that -gasp!- there are alternatives to Windows, IE and Office.

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