Tuesday, December 21, 2004

English-to-Ghostface Dictionary

Thanks to Glasper on this find. Here's something that puts the Shizzolator to so much shame, English/Ghostface Dictionary (Okayplayer.com). This is an actual message board poster who takes English sentences thrown out by other posters and translates them into the playful metaphors of Ghostface. [click here to continue]

Sample translations:
English: I fell in love with a white girl who listens to metallica

Ghostface: Catch me with Becky check me got open wide flank shit. Red cheeks spark leaf and let me spank it. Locked like Attica. Weak rebuild my character. Fuck if she smash guitars I'm bout to marry her!

English: That Greek food made me nauseous

Ghostface: I told Zeus to pass the grey goose. Something exploded and odor erupted. Soda pop bubbles started humming and old tune. "Excuse me Zeus, point me to your bathroom! This rhyme is like baclavas! Feta flaming! Cashews in my stool!" Fartin Olive Garden running to the toilet wallies sparking. Rocking back and forth time to get re-tarted!
Brilliant. This kid has it down.

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