Wednesday, December 22, 2004

The F-train saga continues

Previously, I wrote, "If, in an otherwise packed train there's one train that is fairly empty, you never ever ever ever get into that empty car. Never," because it's almost always guaranteed to be an unpleasant experience. That time, it was a smelly homeless guy and I was struck (olfactorily) again last night. [click here to continue]

This time around, the train pulled into 14th, fairly packed (is the F ever not packed?), but with most riders avoiding just one section of the car, so my empty car rule was thrown a curveball. Sure enough, there was a not exactly the cleanest looking guy sitting in one of the seats.

I'm actually beginning to suspect there's one F-train smelly guy though that I run into though. I've had the pleasure of sharing a train with a smelly guy three times and it seems to be the same guy every time - a heavy set dude, looks a little bit like ?uestlove from The Roots (sans afro) with his sunken eyes.

The smell seemed to be the same as well. No, I'm not a B.O. sommelier who can deconstruct the odor into components ("hmmm, I sense a strong presence of stale, dried sweat, a hint of oak..."), but like the Old Spice commercial says, scent is the strongest scent tied to memory, and lemme tell ya, that smell is deeply etched into memory.

The relatively good news is that the smell wasn't so strong this time that I only had to move a few feet away - or maybe it was because my nose was stuffed so I couldn't really smell it.

In any case, I do feel somewhat guilty for writing this post - it's obviously not the guy's intent to foul up the entire subway system and it is just one symptom of larger problems the man, and the city, are going through.

I boarded the train at 14th and the guy got off at W 4th. Not sure where he was headed.

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