Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Some music I'm listening to, some I'm not

  • I'm really digging PAS/CAL right now. You may remember their song, "The Bronzed Beach Boys" as the "Come On, Let's Go" song from a Saturn commercial. Download the mp3 and check them out.
    They also have a Christmas album together with my other new favorite group, Asobi Seksu

  • What is it about Swedish artists and their ability to create great pop songs? Anyway, I like this guy, JENS LEKMAN (via The Parallel Campaign).
    How can you not love a guy who titles his album "When I Said I Wanted To Be Your Dog"?
    Update: Stereogum has links to unreleased tracks (and comments) posted on Jens' site

  • Loyal readers know I love DJ Dangermouse's The Grey Album. Not nearly as good (but what is?), but still worth a listen is a mash-up of The Beatles and The Beasties, naturally titled The Beastles (via stereogum)
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