Monday, June 05, 2006

Stuff, stuff and other stuff

  • So I was feeling a little insomniac the other day and I'm searching for porn on my computer, and I came across this little video I downloaded a couple of years back, presumably while searching for porn.

    You might notice that the audio and the video are out of sync by about a whole second - it works fine on my computer but somehow screws up when it's on YouTube. Still, it's worth your time. There's Coolio, Sarah Silverman (before she started talking about her vagina) and a guy who wears a blazer - how can you go wrong with that?

  • This past Saturday, the Gentrifried One and I sunk to the depth of nerdosity and did Crumpler's Beer for Bag (warning: audio!) promotion. The deal is pretty simple - you bring in a specified brand and amount of beer and you get a bag. The bags are kinda expensively priced, but I got a pretty decent laptop bag priced at $80 for $32 worth of beer, so it's not a bad deal at all.

    What are they doing with the beer, you ask? They're throwing a party next Sunday and everyone who did the exchange gets in. So essentially, if you can drink all the beer that you brought in (for me, 24 bottles of Sapporo), you're getting a free bag. Pretty good promo, I gotta say. The product gets out there, the word spreads and they can throw a party without paying for booze.

    I have a few pictures up on Flickr, as do the folks at the store.

    A few observations
    • New Beer Distributors on Chrystie St is all kinds of awesome. It's heaven for party throwers, beer aficionados and alcoholics.

    • 24 bottles of beer is surprisingly heavy, even if the walk is only 10 minutes long.

    • As mentioned before, the party is on Sunday, June 11. I'll be on an airplane. Fuck. Motherfuckers will be drinking my stash. Not cool.

  • There's going to be some World Cup madness on this here blog. Catch it! Also, I plan to be at Nevada Smith or some other bar at 9 am next Monday to watch Japan demolish those dastardly Australians, followed by the Yanks kicking the Czechs back behind the Iron Curtain at noon.

  • It's hard to think almost 3 months ahead, but A Clockwork Orange on an outdoor screen? Oh, and there's the usual Bryant Park movies.
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