Monday, April 24, 2006

Mancrush of the Week: Luis Garcia

Before I get started, special thanks to DrunkBrunch for the mystery blue pills Saturday night. The good news is, they didn't knock me out or have me waking up in a strange apartment. The bad news is, they did nothing for the hacking cough I've had for the past week and I suspect they may be responsible for this erection I've had for the past 24 hours.

Now, onto homoeroticism. Seriously, Luis Garcia. I can't think of anything better to come out of Spain since, I don't know, Penelope Cruz or Pedro Almodovar films or fried calamari. Whatever the case, you won't see too many prettier goals than the one he scored in Satuday's FA Cup semifinal against Chelsea:

First, there's the degree of difficulty. Garcia's on the run, he's taking the shot off a bounce, a defender's converging on him, and it's a difficult angle. The placement and power are perfect. And it's a shot most players wouldn't think to try because they wouldn't have seen the keeper off the line after getting to a loose ball like that.

And beating Chelsea to deny them the League-Cup double? As the kids say, priceless. So I couldn't really give a shit about anything else that happened in sports this weekend, Lebron James notwithstanding.

Finally, it would totally be scenester to declare that I'm so over Gnarls Barkley, wouldn't it? Anyway, here's their obligatory Pitchfork interview.


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