Friday, March 31, 2006

Jessica Alba Nude!

Yusuke and I were hanging in the grotto at Hef's Mansion last month, when after asking Tara Reid to put her top back on he turned to me and said, "You know, I'd like you to be a guest blogger on Spinachdip sometime". I pushed Shannon Doherty off of my lap into the pool, and replied, "You got it, Chief".

If you read my blog, extrawack!, you know that I don't have a hell of a lot to say about much except music, but since Suke's readers seem to be a little more well-rounded than mine, I'll spread my wings a bit further...but I'll do it Larry King-column-style:

I saw an amazing Editors show last night at Webster Hall. Everytime I leave a gig there and pass the line of nutjob tourists waiting to get in to the post-show disco, I wish I carried a video camera with me at all times. What a freakshow...Anna Benson's divorcing Kris? I guess she likes Baltimore a bunch less than she was claiming. Insert "crabs" joke here...Speaking of sports, The New York Red Bulls, (the soccer team formerly known as MetroStars) are sending 800 fans on buses to DC for the season opener this Sunday. I've been to MetroStars matches with less than that many fans at home! Here's hoping corporate rebranding finally gives the New York area futbol fan something to cheer about for once...Heard one of those homeless looking guys who hand out the free New York Times Classifieds paper outside of Penn Station use this pitch yesterday: "Free paper here! Totally free newspaper! I ain't fuckinwitcha! It's free!" That guy gets an A for effort from me...Is there a better Japanese Beef Bowl in NYC than at Yoshinoya on 42nd Street?...It's Tartan Week in NYC starting tomorrow. If some one asks you if you'd like a scotch egg, say no and run away...
Am I the only person watching "Top Chef" on Bravo? It's every bit as good as Project Runway, though it would be cool if Tim Gunn showed up now and again.

Ok, enough non-musical yakkin'. Let me leave you with a download from Irving, a catchy-as-hell band from LA, whose new album "Death in the Garden, Blood on the Flowers" is out Tuesday:

Irving - "Situation" mp3

And about this post's title? Just my way of making sure my guest-post gets more hits than anyone else's. Instead you get a shot of my sunburnt foot on the beach in St. Martin last Sunday night. Sorry to let you down.

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