Monday, April 03, 2006

blogging, dc-style

I may well be the worst blogger ever! See, I almost forgot about blogging today. Bad guest blogger. I have let the legion of spinachdip's loyal fans down. I hope you can forgive me, because this post probably won't make up for it.

Speaking of loyal fans, George Mason, farewell. It was glorious while it lasted!

Anyways, I have a decent excuse for forgetting: I just moved from Maryland to DC this weekend. This means: higher taxes, upping my coolness fax, hauling boxes up and down the curvy stairs of my new Dupont Circle rowhouse, and heavy Ikea furniture as well. Yay! Ikea furniture looks neat and simple until you start building it and have like 9585490385034 different screws and boards and you're like WTF because a dresser like this takes 15 steps to make! 15!

I was so determined to be DC-ified that after nearly passing out from putting together stupid Swedish furniture, I even went and saw the cherry blossoms yesterday, along with the 8945840850349 tourists and their screaming children. Conveniently enough, this was also the day that metro chose to have most of their escalators to be non-functional. If escalators are mostly broken, it's no wonder that tourists don't abide by the "stand on the right, walk on the left" rule! It's chaos! A tourist sees a non-working escalator and thinks, "huh? Escalators...but not moving...can't process this in brain...I must walk down? what??" *brain explodes* Meanwhile, he's standing there like an idiot and holding up everyone else in line!

I think one of the more ridiculous things I saw were two grown men carrying a baby stroller up the stairs, unfolded. One man (or even myself) could have easily carried it up, had they bothered to fold it, but no, they had to take up the maximum amount of space.

Another discovery that I made this weekend: I'm allergic to both dust bunnies and cherry blossoms. So in case you had any freaky dust bunny/cherry blossom sculptures in mind that you wanted to construct and send me, please don't. I've suffered enough.

Happy Monday!

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