Thursday, March 30, 2006

Just like riding a bike

It's been a while since I've done this. You know, though, writing for someone else's blog when you haven't blogged in about a year isn't exactly like hopping back on a bicycle for a ride. It's more like driving someone else's car. Not quite sure what type of car Spinachdip would be, but I'm sure it'd be a nice one. At least, it would be nicer than that two-door Toyota Tercel that I drove around in in high school. I mean, that thing didn't even have power steering! And the air conditioning didn't work in the summer and the heat didn't work in the winter.

But I digress...

I approached writing this blog post as I approach most of my writing. "My post will be the best," I think to myself. "It'll be so funny...funnier than everyone else's posts." Then I put it off till the morning it's due and am forced to vomit something up in 10 minutes before I go to work.

Fine, so this won't be the funniest or most clever blog post. It won't be full of links. This is just me here. Laid bare.


Ok, nevermind. Here come the links!

Oh, don't you get it? I'm very sarcastic.

Pedophilia, like a yellow Lance Armstrong bracelet, is always funny.

Youngna goes to Shake Shack. Maybe she hasn't heard that the stuff proportedly gives you the runs.

Nichelle Newsletter mystified when it comes to snark, satire. Remember, this is the girl that championed the Starbucks on Delancey and Allen.

I just like this picture.

Tucker Max does not perform oral sex. Read the whole article. Via Krucoff.

Alright, that's about it. Enjoy the lovely day. If you can, skip work. I'll be gazing longingly at the sunshine while chained to my desk in a cement tower in Hell's Kitchen.

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