Friday, March 24, 2006

Popping the Cherry Garcia

Today's guest blogger, Maureen is blogging for the very first time. Please be gentle with her - this is a very special moment in a young girl's life. And stick around afterwards, make her breakfast, maybe. For those who are interested, the keys to Maureen's heart are dark chocolate, sunny beaches and strategically deployed back rubs. -Ed

Since Suki has spent many hours listening to me whine about various advertisements and encourage him to be a tad more political in his blog, I provide for you the following...

Yay for the launch of the Ad Council's new global warming campaign. The ads aren't bad, and they are the first ever global warming public service announcement.

With all this mixed messaging on global warming created by BP, Exxon (pdf), Chevron and others, it's good to see the non-profit community may finally make it to prime time too. Maybe for their next ad, the Ad Council can provide some clarification on all the other industry campaigns. For now, I am eagerly awaiting the chance to see the Ad Council's work on my television screen...

As a side note, and because Suki thought a recipe might be a nice post idea for me, ice cream is a wonderful dairy substitute in coffee. Just in case you run out of milk, as I did this morning, and can't stand black coffee. I used Ben and Jerry's Cherry Garcia, which I would highly recommend. Just don't use this (holy shit, that's awesome. I'm bringing that to the next flag burning party. We're both digging the Nutty Environmentalist. -Ed).

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